If you're toying with the idea of remodeling your kitchen, there are so many ideas out there that it might be difficult to even narrow down the choices. One way to begin is to consider one of the biggest overall defining looks for your kitchen: the cabinetry. Once you decide on a cabinet look, the rest of the room may just fall together based on that basic theme. Here are some of the biggest trends in kitchen cabinet looks:


Natural woods (instead of glossy or smooth finishes) provide a touchable texture and warmth to a kitchen. Although you can choose a variety of woods, there are a few standouts. For example, light oaks, "driftwood" styles, and other blond wood tones bring a fun, casual tone to the kitchen. To keep it traditional, you can still choose a deep and classic wood like cherry, which works well with brushed, warm metals like bronze

Gray Tones

Like white, gray is considered a neutral color for the kitchen. While gray used to be saved for just appliances or saved as an accent with white cabinetry, MariaKilliam.com says that it's trendy to have warm grays now for cabinets. Match up gray cabinetry with metallic paint colors and hardware for an ultra-modern and trendy kitchen. Soften it with a bold backsplash or wallpaper to make your kitchen pop.

Open Styles

Open shelving can add space and freshness to a kitchen. A lack of doors gives cabinetry a smaller visual footprint while making the room seem lived in and warmer. While open shelving ideas have been used for display pieces and collectibles for years, it can now be expanded to add functionality and open up a kitchen space for entertaining. Try shelves in woods, wire, or slate for a fun, eclectic kitchen. 

Minimal Shelving 

The most radical alternative for kitchen shelving is . . . no shelving. Trade in those walls lined with cabinets for a clean, simple and airy kitchen instead. Combined with an open-styled floor plan, a kitchen with less overhead cabinetry seems bigger and more inviting. Add some beautiful windows to bring in the sunlight and open up the room. The trick to minimalist shelves, though, is to provide ample storage in other areas of the kitchen including the island and under-the-counter cabinets. And, yahoo.com says that you have to be a pretty tidy person to have this style work for you.

By focusing on the cabinet style you want, you have a great place to start on your remodel. As a central facet of any kitchen, the cabinet choice will lead you down the path to selecting hardware, appliances, layout, and functionality. So get started today and move on to having fun in your new kitchen! For more information about cabinets or kitchen remodels, talk with a place like Kitchen & Bath Innovations.