Eventually replacing your carpet is inevitable. However, it is not always easy to know when your old carpet needs to be thrown out. Here are seven indications that it's time to get rid of your rug:

Lingering Odors

It is not uncommon for carpet fibers to absorb household odors. However, musty odors may be attributed to mold growth. If your carpet has been subjected to moisture, and a thorough cleaning doesn't eliminate its odors, it may be time to replace your carpet.

Wrinkly Carpet

Carpet must be properly stretched in order to install correctly and avoid wrinkling.  In addition, carpet padding that is too soft or too thick will also promote wrinkling or buckling as the carpet is stretched when downward pressure, such as that from a footstep, is applied. Re-stretching with a power stretcher can sometimes remedy this problem, but severe issues may warrant replacement.

Carpet Was Installed Before Standardized Fire Regulations 

If your carpet was installed before 2008, it may not have been subject to current regulations that require carpet to meet the fire resistance standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Carpet that does not meet these fire standards may be easily ignited by nearby heat sources.


Carpet fibers resemble tiny strands of hair, and once the fibers become knotted and matted, it can be quite difficult to restore the original look of the rug. Matted nylon fibers tend to respond more favorably to cleaning than polyester fibers. If cleaning your carpet doesn't restore its piling, carpet replacement is the best option.

Permanent Stains

Wool carpets are known for their natural stain resistance. However, the first stain-resistant synthetic carpet was produced in 1986. If your carpet is not stain-resistant or has permanent areas of discoloration, it's time for new carpet. 

Obvious Damage

Tears and burns in carpet may not be reparable unless your carpet consists of panels. When a carpet panel, which is usually sold as a one or three-foot square, becomes stained, it can be removed and replaced. However, a full rugs is best replaced when unsightly damage is severe.

Repeated Carpet Beetle Infestations

Carpet beetles are insects that eat natural carpet fibers, such as wool. If you have suffered from repeated beetle infestations, it may be best to switch to a synthetic carpet.

Carpet continues to be a popular flooring option. It accounts for a little more than half of the total flooring market in the United States. If you are concerned about the appearance or safety of your carpet, consider replacing it (with companies like National Carpet Mill Outlet).