If you want to give your home a warm, rustic makeover, why not go for a retro ranch look? This western flair can give the home a charming quality that will feel comfortable and welcoming, while appearing stylish and contemporary. Try some of the following design strategies to transform your home into your very own ranch:

The walls

Wood paneling makes an excellent wall covering in a ranch-style abode, but dark colored wood could make the room seem small or dim. White-wash the paneling for a bright,contemporary style, or stencil western-themed motifs or murals on the facade. If you have plaster or painted surfaces, have your contractor install some wood millwork to give it a more authentic, ranch feel.

The floor

Wood floors are ideal, but instead of leaving them bare and unprotected, use hand-painted floor coverings to bring some pizzazz to the room. These floor cloths are typically made from a resilient, durable canvas and can be painted to fit the theme of your ranch-style space. Look for vintage floor coverings in antique stores to bring a vintage touch to your finished makeover.

The colors

Warm neutrals echo a western flair, but there is also room for a pop of color. Look for deep orange, dazzling turquoise, or a sunny yellow to give your browns, beiges, and ivories some vibrancy. Echo colors in the accents or floor coverings in items such as a counter, a pillow, or a picture on the wall.

The accents

If you are going with a western theme, than you will need some appropriate pieces to echo this theme in your space. Look for antique horseshoes which can be up-cycled into a number of cool projects, or simply hang them over the door frame, upside down, for good luck. Mount vintage saddles, reins, and leather wares on the wall for an authentic touch.

Other tips

Be sure to bring some life into your ranch-style space with some foliage such as a terrarium or a cactus plant. Use burlap for cute valances that will still allow plenty of natural light come through your room. Be a bit careful in adding too many western-theme accents as it could become a bit overwhelming; choose a few items and keep it simple which will also keep your space uncluttered and visually serene.

Keep an eye out for accents and authentic pieces that could help elevate your home scheme and bring your vision to life. Talk with contractors and retailers about western-style details that can help turn your home into a retro ranch that you enjoy spending time in and showing off to all of your friends and guests. Bring back a sense of western flair and create a welcoming theme in your home with these style tips!

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