With the cost of hardwood flooring at around $8 per square foot, it is vital that you take preventive measures to ensure that it stays in good condition long after it has been installed. Avoiding damage to your floors at home can be accomplished by following a few precautions, allowing you to enjoy your floors for a long time without major restoration work.

Consider the following five things you can do at home to avoid scratches and wear on your flooring.

Keep All Shoes at the Front Door, Back Door, or in the Garage

Wearing your shoes indoors may be convenient when you are going in and out, but it can also cause significant damage to the flooring due to small rocks and other debris being caught in your shoes. Certain shoe styles, such as high heels, can also end up damaging the hardwood flooring if they are not removed.

To encourage removing shoes when coming inside, all you need to do is provide a shoe rack by the door and instruct guests to remove their shoes before walking on the floors.

Trim Cat and Dog Nails on a Regular Basis

If you have a cat or a dog, it is imperative that their nails are kept short. Trimming your pet's nails will help prevent scratches in the flooring, especially if your pet tends to run around on the hardwood.

Rinse Off the Dog's Feet after Going on a Walk

Dog owners likely already know just how messy dogs can be and how dirty their paws can get after going on a walk. Along with simply trimming their nails, you need to check their paws for any rocks or dirt that could get stuck in their pads and hose their paws down before coming back indoors.

Use Cardboard or Furniture Sliders for Moving Furniture Around

Moving furniture on the hardwood flooring can be a bad idea for your back due to the weight and it can also lead to scratches on the flooring. To move furniture with ease, make sure to slide the furniture instead, using cardboard, towels, or products specifically for sliding heavy furniture.

Leave Wet Clothing Outside or in the Garage

Dripping wet clothes, towels, and other items can lead to water damage for your flooring if left unnoticed. Water damage can cause your flooring to warp and create a mess that can cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Leaving wet items outside to dry is the best option since it will help avoid any risk of water damage.

Making a few adjustments at home can ensure that your hardwood flooring stays in pristine condition in the years to come. By helping your family get on board with the above practices, you can be confident that everyone at home is taking good care of your floors as well. 

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