Having plenty of room to prepare meals is essential for a kitchen, and if yours is short on counter space, you may be hoping to correct this issue. Here are a few ways to add more counter space to your kitchen during your next remodel.

Pullout Kitchen Counters

Pullout kitchen counters are ideal for smaller kitchens where your remodeling options might be limited. These counters fit neatly inside your cabinet line, and can be pulled out whenever you need more room to cook. Small designs provide extra space that is typically around the size of a cutting board, while larger counters can be as big as tables. These larger options also come with legs that can be extended to give the counter stability. You can also have your contractor install pullout cutting boards, which provide dedicated places for cutting vegetables, fruit, or meat. Use pullout counters in a galley kitchen or a small space to create the food prep area you need.

Pantry Remodel

Your pantry may offer a great place to store canned and dry goods, but it may also be hiding plenty of potential counter space. Talk to your contractor and interior designer about revamping your pantry. Consider  replacing part of the shelving with a granite countertop. This provides extra space for food prep or arranging small kitchen appliances, such as stand mixers. You can even dedicate your pantry counter space to a specific type of cooking, For example, the doors can remain closed most of the time, but they cab be opened to reveal the counter space when it's time to do baking or prepare holiday meals.

Kitchen Island

Your contractor can install a custom kitchen island that gives you the counter space you want while also providing smart storage solutions as well. This saves space in cabinets and drawers, and it puts all your cooking essentials close at hand. Work with your contractor to add cabinets and shelves of varying sizes, and consider a luxurious granite counter to add beauty to your space. For large islands, think about having a small sink put in that's used only to clean produce, and have an opening cut next to the sink in the granite for disposing of food scraps. You can also have spice racks, paper towel holders, can openers, and other kitchen accessories built into your kitchen island for added convenience.

Talk to your interior designer about the look you want for your kitchen, and then discuss your practical concerns, such as counter space, With the right remodeling plan, you can get the stunning space you want along with the counters you need.  Contact a company, like Plastic Line Mfg Inc, for more help.