Powder room. Restroom. Bathroom. Necessary room. No matter what name you call your bathroom, it's often one of the most overlooked rooms in the home when it comes to home decorating. Fortunately, your bathroom never has to be boring. With just a few small changes, you can transform your bathroom into a place of beauty.

Paint it light

White or cream is the perfect color for a small bathroom. Shades of white or cream will make the room appear larger, and it will make a multitude of decorating options possible. White is crisp and clean and works well with any home decorating theme.

Kick out clutter

Keep the sink, shelves, and the back of the toilet tank clutter free. Beauty cannot exist in a small room overflowing with stuff, because clutter creates distraction rather than attraction. Store all toiletries in baskets under cabinets or in a closet. Use shelves for storing towels and for a few small accent pieces, such as a flower vase or bath soaps in a decorative bowl or basket.

Replace your old towels

Worn towels and washcloths make a bathroom look outdated. If your bath towels and washcloths are threadbare and mismatched, it's time to replace them. Donate them to your local animal shelter or store them to use for cleaning tasks around the home.

Purchasing new bath towels is one of the fastest ways to change the appearance of your bathroom. Invest in the best towels you can afford. Luxury towels and washcloths are worth the cost. They will provide lasting beauty to your bathroom, and you will feel like you are at an expensive spa every time you bathe or shower.

Bath towels are also a great way to add a pop of color to your bathroom, and you can purchase multiple sets of towels to match the seasons or holidays. For instance, pastel colored towels will give your bathroom an instant springtime look. Add red and green towels and your bathroom will be festive for the Christmas holiday.

Each bathroom should contain at least one set of white or off-white towels. White towels provide a nice contrast to the colored towels, and they will blend in with the white walls. This provides a pleasing eye appeal in any bathroom.

Why put up with a boring bathroom when you can have a beautiful one by changing just a few simple things? A bathroom makeover does not require a lot of time or expense. You may even decide to call your new bathroom the beautiful room.

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