There are many ways that drapes can improve the quality of a room. However, you may have mostly considered drapes to be a second thought. This can lead to situations where you may not be maximizing the results that you are getting from these window accessories.

Maximize Your Energy Efficiency Gains

The energy efficiency of a home is an important factor that will need to be maximized. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay for more expensive energy bills while also having a more difficult effectively regulating the interior temperature of your home. You may not be aware of the fact that drapes can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a room, but they will allow you to limit cold drafts coming from the glass of the windows during the winter and they can help to limit heat carrying sunlight from entering during the hottest times of the year. In addition to choosing thick curtains, you may also want to opt for a color that is fairly light as this will absorb and radiate less of the sun's heat into your home's interior.

Keep Drapes Clean And Maintained

Over time, the drapes in your home can start to collect sizable amounts of pet dander, fur, hair and dust. If these substances are not removed from the drapes, they may impart a foul odor to the drapes. One way to prevent this problem from occurring is to regularly vacuum and dust the drapes. Some drapes may also benefit from being washed on a periodic basis, but you will have to check the care instructions of the drapes as many are not designed to be able to withstand machine washing. After washing the drapes, they should be gently dried and ironed on the lowest setting. While this can be an intensive type of care, it is something that will only need to be done every year or two.

Address Any Loose Threads

There is likely to come a day when you find that one of the threads in your drapes has started to loosen or fray. This may not be an immediate threat to the drapes, but it can worsen if the thread is not trimmed. You should avoid pulling the thread as this could cause more of it to unravel. If you notice the loose thread returns or continues to worsen, you will need to patch it to save the drape. While this is a basic repair to make, individuals that have no experience sewing may wish to have a professional correct the loose thread.

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