When you buy a fixer-upper to live in with your family, you should expect to work on the property for a long time over the course of many projects. While you may know what kind of functionality you would like to get with your house, you may not have a concrete idea about the looks.

This can make it rather challenging to decide on materials, paint colors, and other features that will play a role in how your house looks. At the same time, you may not know how to handle furnishing and decorating since these will also play a major role. A smart plan is to hire an interior designer who you can work alongside to make the right moves for your fixer-upper property.


If you are ready to work on the property as soon as you move in, you may not want to invest too much into furniture and decorations until you make permanent changes to the home. Since each fixer-upper will have unique issues that should be addressed, you should figure out which things you want to work on. This is when you can start talking to an interior designer about the features that you intend on changing as they can help you end up with an attractive and cohesive look.


After you make changes and improvements to features such as the trim, doors, walls, and windows, you can start looking at how you are going to furnish the home. An interior designer will not only help you make sure the interior looks good, but that your family is satisfied with its functionality. If you know that your family wants ample storage around the house, you should inform the person you hire because they can make decisions that maximize storage capacity.


Another major part of making sure that your fixer-upper looks and feels good to live in is the decorations. If you already have a decent collection of decorations to use, you should let an interior designer see everything so that they know what they are working with for your home.

A professional may make recommendations such as not using certain decorations and modifying certain pieces to fit with the theme that you are going for within the house. While these decisions are ultimately yours, you will benefit from finding an interior designer on the same page because you will feel more comfortable giving them complete control with designing the fixer-upper.

When you want to make positive changes and improvements to your fixer-upper, you should hire an interior designer that can help with everything. Contact companies such as Interior Landscapes for more information.