Plenty of people decorate their own homes and are happy with their results. Plenty of other people hire a mid-range interior designer and are happy with the results. However, there are times at which it's wise to hire a high-end, creative interior designer, even if it costs a little more than you'd usually spend. Here are some of those situations.

You're having a new home built

Having a new home built is a good way to ensure the home you live in is specifically suited to your needs. You can have the rooms sized as needed, locate the kitchen exactly where you want it, and so forth. If you're spending all of this time and money to have a home built to your specifications, then it's worth also hiring an interior designer. Even a great build can look less-than-stellar if it is not decorated well. Hiring an interior designer to work alongside your builder early on will help ensure the home truly suits your needs, both functionally and aesthetically. A really creative designer can make sure their design and the home's build work together.

You're trying to get top-dollar when selling a home

If you're selling a home, the interior design can make all the difference between getting a good price, and getting a great price. If you spend the money to have a creative interior designer decorate the home, its look will improve — likely to the extent that people are willing to pay a lot more for it. The additional money you make selling the home can more than cover the cost of hiring the designer, in most cases. When you're selling a home in a really competitive market or a really high-end community, this type of pre-sale decorating is often expected.

You need to design for unique needs

Another time it's worth hiring a really high-end designer is when your home needs to serve some very specific needs. Maybe you have five dogs, and you need your home designed to serve their needs without looking like it's a kennel. Or, maybe you are confined to a wheelchair and need a home design that allows you mobility without looking overly clinical. Creative designers can find ways to make most anything work, both aesthetically and functionally.

Sometimes it's wise to pay a little more and hire a high-end creative conceptual interior designer. Your home is a space that you deserve to love.